The Practice of the Reformation

What happens when Reformation theology gets practiced in everyday ministry? A parish pastor in Alexandria, Louisiana, writes with eloquence about rediscovering what the Gospel is all about in his daily work.

Robert Martinek

It seems that things are really quiet now, and I am usually one who “lurks,”but I thought I would share with you something that has recently happened to me in the ministry that God has called me to do. To say that my life has been in chaos lately is rather an understatement. But that is a story for another day. Last week a member of my parish gave birth to a boy who immediately had to be placed in the NICU unit of the hospital. Now I am NOT saying that God caused this little one of his to be born with the defects he had in order to teach me a lesson, but God surely has used this situation to teach me a lesson.

For the past week or so I have been making the 90 mile drive down to the hospital four times a week. And last night before my eyes closed in sleep I realized that I was rediscovering what ministry is. You see, ministry is baptizing an infant just a few hours after his birth and seeing the relief on his mother’s face knowing that no matter what happens her little boy is in God’s hands. Ministry is sitting in a NICU unit telling a mother how much God loves her and her child as she gently rocks it to sleep, not knowing if this will be last time she gets to hold him. Ministry is walking up to another mother in a NICU unit whom you have never met and holding her hand while she tries to comfort her child in an incubator. Ministry is getting on the phone and telling a member of your congregation who is making life so very difficult for you that God loves him.

You see ministry is not going to all kinds of meetings; it’s not building projects; it’s not getting involved in church or denominational politics. Though those things have their place, ministry is being the voice God telling others I love you. I just had a need to share this rather simple insight with others. I know I do not write with the eloquence of those that I read on Daystar and admire, but these are my thoughts. They come from my heart, and things are rather quiet on Daystar these days.

May God richly bless all of you in your ministry to Him.

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