Other Sites


  • The Creator’s Tapestry (This site is devoted to issues related to women in the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod and in the larger Christian church.)
  • The Crossings Community (The Crossings Community provides stimulating resources on law/promise theology. Each week there is an online analysis of one of the upcoming appointed Scripture readings. The site also provides weekly theological analysis by Dr. Edward Schroeder and other law-promise theologians.)
  • The Institute for Ecumenical Research (This organization offers seminars, conferences, dialogues, and publications to support relations between the Lutheran churches and other churches.)
  • Luther 2017 (This is the official website of the Luther decade [2008-2017]. The site provides news updates and information about the Reformation jubilee 2017.)
  • The Lutheran Quarterly (The Lutheran Quarterly Journal and Lutheran Quarterly Books present essays, book reviews, and monographs on Luther and Lutheranism.)
  • The Lutheran World Federation (The Lutheran World Federation is the most important Lutheran ecumenical organization in the world. It provides the most up-to-date information about Lutheran churches worldwide.)
  • Lutherhalle Wittenberg (This site provides information about the most important Lutheran museum, as well as additional information on Luther research, educational offerings, and databases for learning about the Reformation and other places connected with Dr. Martin Luther.)